The Mayor of York

A message from the Lord Mayor of York,
    Councillor Chris Cullwick,
    following his inauguration on 27th May 2021

“I am delighted to support York’s twinning with Dijon and Münster in any way I can. The city of York treasures its well established twinning links with Dijon and Münster. In the wake of this last turbulent year, it is even more important to us as the incoming Civic Party that we build on these links of friendship and cooperation. Anything we can do to help in this regard we are keen to do. Indeed it is our hope that we might participate in exchanges ourselves when this becomes possible.”

The Lord Mayor’s statement was warmly welcomed by the York-Dijon Twinning Group and the York-Münster Twinning Association.

You can find out more about York’s twinning events with Dijon and Münster elsewhere on the York European Website:

and via the York City Council Website on International Relations: