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Pancakes — bacon or cheese

Ingredients, for 8 pancakes:

2 Eggs

250 gr of white flour

500 ml milk

A pinch of salt

Thin strikes of bacon

Grated cheese

Butter/Oil for baking

Please find herewith a recipe for some nice pancakes, with bacon or cheese. And, most importantly, Dutch pancake syrup, if you can get some. No this is not golden syrup, nor sugar or caramel. It is well known pancake topper in the Netherlands.

So, very simple/easy.

Preparation Mix all Ingredients well, not lumps should remain.
Heat a pan and add some butter, make sure the pan is well hot,
For the bacon add a few strikes of bacon and make sure these are well baked (not burnt) from 1 side, turn around and starts adding the flour-mixture.
I used 1½ lads for a 30 cm pan. Well spread, te keep it even and thin.
For the cheese, first add flour mixture and when the top starts getting kind of ‘dry’, add the grated cheese. When it starts melting, turn the pancake around, so that the cheese can get baked.
I used a pancake pan, with low sides, to make them easier to turn.
Top with Dutch Pancake Syrup, if you have some. Anything else will do, but I believe this is the best.

Enjoy your pancakes !




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